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  • Safety
  • Safety

  • At Native Energy Solutions, “Safety First” is our safety policy. Our Employees are our greatest resource and we are proactive to insure we protect them and operate in a “zero tolerance” for incidents manner. We will always approach all of our work and projects with our Heath, Safety, and Environmental goals:

    1. No accidents and no injuries to people.
    2. No harm or damage to the environment.
    3. We comply with all applicable rules and regulations for safety.

    Our safety polices, rules, and procedures are constantly updated and strictly enforced throughout our company.Attention is given to applicable OSHA regulations to ensure compliance is maintained at all times.

  • Native Energy Solutions, LLC is a proud member of both ISNetworld and PEC; with a Panel Shop that is UL 508A / 698A / NNNY rated.

  • Electrical
  • Electrical

  • Native Energy Solutions performs with a culture of quality and efficiency to serve the oilfields and related industries. Our staff includes Master Electricians with experience in all facets of facilities construction in the oilfield for upstream and midstream companies. 

    Our teams are highly competent in new well site and production facilities electrification. We can assist our customers in designing the most efficient and cost effective electrical system for their facilities. 


  • Electrify various site process equipment including LACT's, SWD skids, VRU's, Freshwater Skids, SWD Well equipment and pumps

    Installation of MCC's and PLC's to control locations

    Both low voltage and 3 Phase installations to energize locations

    Traditional conduit, armored CLX cables, and certified fiber optic cable installations 

    Cable tray and raceways for armored cables

    Primary service distribution and switch gears

    Primary and secondary grounding on all facilities

  • Creation and installation of enclosures, terminal blocks, fuse blocks, circuit breakers, and panels

    Relays, controls, VFD's, controllers, instruments, and wireless instruments

    Trenching and site work to install all related equipment and materials

    Connection of temporary generation or primary service connection to local utility

    Maintenance of existing wells, plants, and equipment

    Infrared inspections for all electrical and mechanical equipment


  • Communications
  • Communications


    With remote monitoring and control becoming an essential tool in the Oil and Gas world, Native Energy Solutions is ready to provide robust solutions to those hard to reach locations through a variety of communications products and services. 

  • Wireless Systems provided by Native Energy Solutions include Microwave (2.4/5/8 Ghz) with Cambium and Ubiquiti options. Our Point to Multi-Point and Point to Point (900 Mhz) systems including Freewave, MDS, Xetawave, GE, and Ubiquiti. And Wireless Mesh Tropos network systems.

  • Communication solutions provided by Native Energy Solutions range from Wireless Network Design to Fiber Optics communication systems for Multi and Single mode options. We also specialize in Video Surveillance and Network Health Monitoring.

  • UL Fabrication
  • UL Fabrication

  • The right panel for the right price makes all the difference.

    Our experienced Team of Engineers, Electricians, and Panel Technicians can bring your print to reality or design a panel to fit your custom requirements.  UL Certifications UL698A, UL508A, and NNNY.

  • Proven success in manufacturing of PDC’s, e-Houses, and MCC’s.  Design, fabrication, in-shop configuration, and installation in every major oil producing basin available.  Have confidence in our Team to deliver on your expectations.

  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Mechanical Integrity

  • Native Energy Solutions Mechanical Integrity Teams provide our clients with a complete structuring and implementation of mechanical integrity programs tailored to the needs and requirements of their project


    Complete structuring and implementation of mechanical integrity programs that are tailored to the clients needs and requirements for pressure vessels, piping, and PSV's

    Audits of existing MI programs to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations as well as PSM covered facilities

    Verification of proper documentation associated with pressure vessels fabricated to ASME requirements and registered with the National Board

    Representation of the client by conducting vendor surveillance for shop fabrication work as well as review welding procedures for compliance with ASME/API and client requirements

    Performing ultrasonic thickness readings or entire UT surveys on pressure vessels or piping as needed (steal construction), material hardness testing on site as needed (ferritic/alloy steel construction) and API510 pressure vessel inspections as well as API 570 Piping inspections

    We also offer training to client personnel on ASME/API code compliance, PSM requirements for mechanical integrity, State Laws for owner-user pressure vessel maintenance/inspection as well as numerous mechanical subjects focusing on pressure vessels, piping and PSV's

  • Infrared
  • Infrared Inspection

  • At Native Energy Solutions we use Infrared Inspection as a method to instantly detect problem areas so we can locate, contain, and repair the problem before larger issues occur

  • In the use of Infrared Inspection the infrared image, or thermogram, is physical evidence of the thermal anomaly that was found during the inspection, and is always the main feature in thermography reports. This infrared image provides surface temperature patterns, which point to problem areas, and defects in equipment. Hot areas appear as a lighter color and cooler areas appear as darker colors.

    In production plants, office facilities, hospitals or oilfield locations, our infrared camera technology instantly makes hot spots visible on a clear thermal image.

    At Native Energy Solutions we are able to scan electrical motor control centers and components and survey multiple wires and connections to get an instant picture of potential trouble, detecting the problem area and repair it before real problems occur. With early detection of these problem areas we are able to contain them while saving valuable time and money for our clients in the process.

    Pertaining to Hydrocarbon based gas leaks in production and processing facilities, they are easily and safely detected with the our gas infrared camera providing pinpoint accuracy.

  • Measurement
  • Measurement

  • Native Energy's natural gas measurement technicians ensure the integrity and reliability of gas meters, measurement recording, and gas sampling equipment.

  • Our measurement division will test, calibrate, operate, maintain, and inspect electronic and mechanical flow meters. We obtain and analyze gas samples with our portable gas chromatographs. The operations and maintenance at all facilities are completed in full compliance with, API standards, DOT regulations (if applicable), and company policy.

  • CommercialResidential
  • Commercial/Residential

  • NES can provide an electrical solution for your Commercial/Residential projects covering new construction, remodels, as well as service calls.

  • Automation
  • Automation

  • Automation

  • Native Energy Solutions partners with tier one manufacturers to provide design solutions and equipment to address the critical needs of oil and gas facilities. We provide high-quality service to ensure a reliable and safe automated environment for locations.


  • Test

    Well Integrity
    An increase in either the annulus or bradenhead pressure can result in a well shut-in, increased workers, or a potential safety/environmental incident.

  • Communication
    Lack of timely and reliable communication leads to deferred/lost production and increased costs.

  • Maintaining Secondary Recovery
    Non-monitoring of injection rates can lead to increased operating costs and in certain cases, decreased recovery efficiency and reduced production.

  • Health & Safety
    Manual monitoring and repairs increase time in the field, resulting in elevated personnel risk and more exposure to site-related hazards.

  • Environmental
    Leaks caused by mechanical failures can have an environmental impact. Early detection of abnormal conditions such as sand and erosion can help avoid leaks and their consequences.

  • Changing Production
    A change in the flow of pressure or temperature can indicate a reduction in flow leading to decreased production or wellborn damage.

  • Oil & Gas Site
  • Oil & Gas Site


    The services offered to our Oil and Gas Site Automation spans a long list of categories including PLC, Motor Control Centers, Tank Level Systems, Separators, Compressors, Wellhead, Chemical Injection Optimization, and Flare Stacks. Additional Items include Heat Trace, Gas Detection, Fire Detection, and Ventilation Systems. See our full detailed list offered to Oil and Gas Site Automation Clients below. 

  • PLC

    • Installation
    • Programming and Software Development
    • Alarming and Remote Monitoring

    Motor Control Centers

    • VFD Controls
    • Soft-Starters
    • Electronic Overload Relays

    Tank Level Systems

    • Continuous Monitoring of fluid levels
    • High Level Alarms
    • Actuated Valves
  • Separators

    • Fluid and Gas flow monitoring
    • High Level Alarms
    • Pressure
    • Temperature 


    • Control Panel Data
    • Run Status
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Gas Lift Controls
  • Wellhead

    • Casing/Tubing/Surface/Flowline Pressures and Tempreatures
    • Valve Actuation
    • Plunger Lift
    • ESD
    • ESP Monitoring
    • Pumping Unit Monitoring

    Chemical Injection Optimization 

    • Fluid Level Monitoring
    • Chemical Temperature
    • Injection Optimization to match well production

    Flare Stack

    • Flare Sensing
  • I&E Technology Team
  • I&E Technology Team


    Our I&E Technology team at Native Energy Solutions is built on experience, we can provide an extensive list of services to our clients to bring jobs to fruition quickly and efficiently. With out team on site you can be confident in knowing every last detail is accounted for and that your programs design, installation and maintenance will be maintained with the highest of quality services. Our full list of services provided by our I&E Technology Team are listed below. 

    • Project Management
    • Standardization initiatives
    • SCADA system design and maintenance
    • Fiber installation and maintenance
    • Leak detection system design
    • Network design
    • Process control programming and troubleshooting
    • FreeWave network design configuration
    • XSPOC server administration and site installation
    • TMS terminal software configuration
    • P&ID development and interpretation
    • Lantronix terminal server programming
    • Daniel’s Gas chromatograph maintenance and troubleshooting
    • N-Tron radio network design
    • WonderWare
    • CygNet
    • Honeywell DCS administration
    • Allen Bradley PLC 5
    • Allen Bradley RSLogix 500
    • Allen Bradley RSLogix 5000
    • Allen Bradley HMI Development
    • Panel View HMI Development
    • Studio 5000
    • Factory Talk View Studio
    • Factory Talk View ME
    • Factory Talk SE
    • Panelbuilder 32
    • Radar Configuration Tools
    • Rosemount Radar Master
    • Rosemount Transmitters
    • Red Lion Crimson
    • Fisher ROC processor configuration
    • Eaton drive configuration
    • GE Fanuc PLC programming
    • Mitsubishi PLC programming
    • Siemens PLC programming
    • Texas Instruments PLC programming
    • VFDs
    • Valve actuators
    • Flow computers
    • Data Liners 10, 20, 40
    • RSSQL
    • FactoryLink
    • Momentum
    • Quantum
    • M340